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broom tree Mind and Spirit matters

We look forward to the day when people with mental health problems may gather in churches without fear, prejudice and discrimination and be free to be, free to belong and free to worship.

Welcome to broom tree

We are a network of people who live in or near the town of Darlington, County Durham (UK) who share a Christian faith and have a mental health condition and/or who are qualified by training within mental health services.

We came together to provide support to Christians living with a mental health condition who are not part of a church community. We also share the love of God with those who do not share our beliefs.

We believe that there is a positive role for the Church to play in the support of mental health as spirituality plays a significant role in well being.

We pledge to support churches in our community to become Friendly Places which welcome and support those struggling with their mental health.

We are developing gathering places where people can connect and be free to be, free to belong and free to explore faith. We also signpost people to sources of help both inside and outside of the church.

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