broom tree is like a family to me. I feel a great connection of friendship through our faith and companionship with everyone. broom tree has got me back into the Church community and it’s made an immense difference in my life. More importantly, I feel like I’m not judged due to my mental illness, I feel free, thank you broom tree
broom tree works for me cos we all have two things in common our illness and Jesus we can be ourselves without fear of rejection or judgment cos Jesus loves us just the way we are so we can love each other in the same way
broom tree gives me a sense of belonging, more knowledgeable on the bible which enhances my faith. Also, a companionship of other like-minded people which has made such a difference in my life
My first impressions of broom tree are very good!  I was made to feel welcome with introductions, lots of hand shaking and smiles.  People spent time with me so I didn’t feel alone.    That kind of warm hospitality is a key element of a group that nurtures people.   People seemed comfortable being themselves - taking part as little or as much as they wanted  - and that was encouraging too.  I was very impressed.   It would be great to see more groups like this in other places! Every blessing
Anthony Smith,
Student minister in training
Broom Tree to me is an oasis where people can come and drink from the cup of companionship, love and mutual concern for one another.  And from the pool of learning as to what really matters in life.  Bringing about peace and freedom of purpose as we are healed and strengthened body soul and spirit in the flow of God's truth
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Personal testimonies from broom tree members. These quotes were taken within the last year, some were anonymous but all came from the heart.