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broom tree Mind and Spirit matters

What is broom tree?

The term “broom tree” comes from the bible.

See 1 Kings 19 - Elijah came to a broom tree, he sat down under it and prayed that he might die. “I have had enough, Lord,”

Elijah was at his lowest point, he wished for death to take him, yet the Lord had other plans for him.

Depression had him, but the Lord saved him.

At broom tree we pledge to support churches in our community to become Friendly Places which welcome and support those struggling with their mental health.

We believe that there is a significant and positive role for the Church to play in the support of mental health.

Broom tree work with the Church to companion adults with mental health conditions along their spiritual journey.

We are a social network of people who live in or near the town of Darlington, County Durham who come from a range of expressions of the Christian faith and have a mental health condition or who are qualified by training within mental health services.

Our Aims

We want to develop gathering places in local churches where people can simply connect and feel a sense of belonging and acceptance. We also signpost people to sources of help both inside and outside of the church.

Our other aim is to be a source of support to the local church so that it can make informed and appropriate responses to those with a mental health condition or their carers who approach it for help.  We believe that Christians with a mental health condition can be best supported within a caring congregation that offers access to the full experience of church life and we want to work towards greater inclusion by addressing any barriers.

Our meeting place: Darlington Baptist Church

Strategic Partnership

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