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broom tree Mind and Spirit matters

The CHIME model of recovery. A 5 step series of talks by Rev Colin Jay - all good things come to a end.

Empowerment was the “E” in the CHIME series

Fantastic broom tree discussion today (Monday 5/6/17) at Darlington Baptist Church, it was hosted by the Rev Colin Jay (who is head of the Mental Health Chaplaincy Services for Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust).

Today’s discussion was about the "E" in C.H.I.M.E. ("E" for Empowerment). CHIME to Change is for people experiencing mental health difficulties who would like to improve their well-being.

It was about how we should empower ourselves with the Holy Spirit, the Spirit empowers us, and we can make great steps forward when the Spirit comes to us.

We would like to say a big thanks to Colin Jay for hosting the meeting, we are looking forward to the next time he can speak to us. Also, a big thank you goes out to Darlington Baptist Church for their continued support of broom tree.

This last letter in CHIME draws us to a close on this series, there’s a very good chance we will come back to the CHIME model at another time in the future.

Members of the broom tree family have expressed that this series of talks by the Rev Colin Jay have been very rewarding and thought provoking.